Floyd Rose Original String Lock Insert Block Set ~ Black



With a more rounded front edge, the Floyd Rose® FROSLIB21P string lock insert blocks, have been specifically designed as an upgrade for vibrato systems with 2021 CNC Saddles, whilst also working with older original designs

A personal favourite for high profile guitar players around the world, the new FROSLIB21P Floyd Rose string lock insert blocks finished in black, are also precision engineered, featuring high grade steel with a black finish, helping to improve string longevity, sustain and tonal response. 

Designed for 2021 CNC saddles but will work on all prior Original Tremolos from 1980 onward. Made in Germany.

About Floyd Rose

With the invention of the world’s first locking vibrato system in 1977, Floyd D. Rose completely revolutionised the electric guitar, and with it a whole new generation of players. 40+ years later Floyd Rose offers a vast array of replacement vibrato systems, upgrades and spares, and are used and trusted by some of the most influential and famous guitar players on the planet.

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