Fret-King Country Squire Tone Meister ~ Original Classic Burst



The Fret-King® Country Squire™ is emblematic of the Fret-King ethos, a friendly and comfortable benchmark, blending the familiar with the contemporary, with innovative, progressive features.

The Country Squire Tone Meister™ upends the norms to deliver a playing experience and sonic range which belies the instruments visual simplicity. Custom five way switching and unique Wilkinson® designed Fret-King pickups combine to an unparalleled level of versatility.

Country Squire Tone Meister Features

The three-piece body with 4” centre block is constructed from selected American Alder with natural Maple top and back. The body, with its vintage edge radiuses casts a classic shadow. The unique reduced profile neck joint and subtly extended cutaway offers enhanced upper fret access, and the superb overall balance makes the Tone Meister a pleasure to wear.

A solid four bolt neck joint ensures the constructional and mechanical integrity which provides a platform for great sustain and the emblematic tonalities of the Country Squire Tone Meister.

The signature Fret-King headstock ensures perfect balance, classic looks, and great visual appeal.

Machine Heads:
Wilkinson® WJ05 machine heads provide quick, accurate, stable tuning.

43mm Graph Tech® self-lubricating nut, smooth and friction free.

Light oil finished, hard rock Maple with classic ‘soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy, and a luxurious 'played in' feel.

Premium Hard Rock Maple for durability, and outstanding tonal transfer with a 10” radius for a super comfortable, responsive, positive playing feel.

Scale Length:
25.5" / 648mm.

22 Medium profile hi-durability nickel silver frets ensure accuracy, comfort, and an overall feel.

For this unique guitar Trev Wilkinson has created two equally unique pickups. The Tone Meister Sixty™ stock-style bridge pickup, with symmetrical stagger pole pieces and special wind for additional power and increased sustain and the Fret-King Tone Meister A2C™ wide spacing, vintage voiced neck single coil pickup, mounted in a genuine Bakelite pickguard with bevelled edges, which produces all the rich, sparkling tone you’d expect delivering an unmistakeable single coil sound that echoes the soaring, majestic blues tones of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

For maximum performance and the broadest tonal palette, the Country Squire Tone Meister features a five way selector switch on an ergonomically designed angled switch plate and custom wiring, which takes the guitar on a journey from edgy, driven blues tones, to full bodied, mellifluous sounds of the big bodied jazz guitars of yore, to a contemporary version of the twin single coil, bolt neck, single cut middle pickup position, and onwards to that oh, so recognisable out of phase 'quack-tone', to the gutsy lead tone of the best of the best.

Control Functions:
• Ergonomic five-way lever switch selects (1) neck pickup, (2) neck pickup with custom tone circuit, (3) neck and bridge in customised parallel wiring, parallel pair, (4) neck and bridge in controlled out of phase, (5) bridge pickup.
• Master Volume.
• Master Tone.

Enhancing all that tonality is the unique Wilkinson® WTB bridge featuring a steel baseplate which surrounds and focusses the magnetic field of the Tone Meister Sixty pickup. Adjustable, pre-intonated barrel style natural brass saddles allow spot-on tuning, and two strings per saddle solidly anchor the saddles to the bridge baseplate ensuring the maximum mechanical coupling, so crucial to giving you all the power and tone you need.

Carry Bag:
The Country Squire Tone Meister comes with a Fret-King luxury gig bag.

The Country Squire™ Tone Meister™ is an original Fret-King® design created by the UK Fret-King® design team

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