GraphTech STRING SAVER Classic ~ ST and TC Offset ~ Gold

SKU: PG-8001-0G


The PG-8001 is a set of six String Saver Classics Saddles for Strat or Tele style guitars with an offset intonation screw and a 2 1/16th string spacing in three finishes. They have a small String Saver insert in the saddle to dramatically reduce string breakage and improve tuning stability.

Each set comes with a set of slightly longer intonation screws to be used with a Telecaster.

Length: 0.815” / 20.7
Thickness: 0.41” / 10.41
Height: 0.23” / 5.84
String Spacing: 2.076” / 52.73mm

About GraphTech

Graph Tech's mission is to "improve the playing experience!" Whether it's drastically reducing string breakage, tuning faster, staying in tune longer, or creating more harmonics and richness, Graph Tech products deliver; guaranteed.

From a kitchen table start up in the early 1980’s Graph Tech Labs has become the undeniable #1, an innovative and unique institution, inventing, patenting, and producing an endless selection of essentials to improve and enhance tone, playability, reliability and versatility for all fretted instruments and players.

Famous for nuts, Graph Tech’s proprietary Tusq, NuBone and NuBone XL top nut and saddle materials offer a limitless choice of options for players to “up their tone”. Technological advances such as Ratio Tuners improve tuning speed and accuracy. Graph Tech’s Ghost Acousti-Phonic modular pickup system lets you “Be the Band”, with a studio quality true acoustic tone and Ghost Hexpander MIDI compatible output and unparalleled tracking, at the flick of a switch.

Explore the world of Graph Tech and discover why over 140 of the worlds top guitar brands fit GraphTech as original equipment, and countless guitar builders, repairers and players have chosen Graph Tech nuts, nut lubricants, saddles, bridges, bridge pins, string trees, picks, machine heads, electronics, pickups, and hand treatments to enhance the performance of their instruments and playing.

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