Grover Mid-Size Rotomatics Machineheads ~ 6 in-line ~ Chrome

SKU: 305C6


6-in-line, set of 6.

The 305 Series is made with the same quality as all Rotomatic® models. Slightly larger than the Mini Rotomatics®, the mid-size series features an 18:1 gear ratio for smoother, more precise tuning. This compact machine head is perfect for use on smaller and in-line headstocks.

Sealed-in, lubricated gears
18:1 gear ratio
25/64” post hole
Post length to hole: 22.4mm
Overall post length: 27.5mm
Weight per pc/per set: 1.2oz/7.2oz
Max. string gauge: .064”
Hardware included (bushings, washers, screws)
Drop-in replacement for: 406 Series

For detailed specifications and/or fitting guides please locate this item on the Grover website where they offer more detailed information.

About Grover

Grover, who produce the World’s finest machine heads has a history which goes back to the very beginnings of the modern guitar as we know it. In the 1800’s American inventor and musician Albert Dean Grover, an innovator who earned over fifty patents for musical instrument parts began a legacy which has flourished over more than two centuries.
Innovation and excellence have continued with the development throughout the mid-20th century of the timeless Grover 102 and 205 Rotomatic tuner, with kidney bean or keystone buttons, the 135 Vintage, the iconic 105C Imperials,  and the elegant Roto-grip locking tuners. Covering the entire gamut of fretted musical instruments, Grover offers an almost limitless selection of tuners, for guitar, bass and banjo, plus bridges and capos.

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