Joe Doe Poker Chip Toggle Switch Surround ~ Aged White ~ Stairway/Highway



Looks simple right?

Press a button and ping, they're done?

Not so fast!

First we laser cut and engrave them, from the finest tone-enhancing durable plastics, then carefully fill with gold paint before hand buffing and polishing each and every one with great enthusiasm.

Now they're done. 

Handmade in Brighton, UK.

About Joe Doe

Joe Doe Guitars, maker of unique custom guitars with amazing back stories built in have teamed up with the Vintage® design team to create the 2023 Collection, a series of limited-edition guitars (just a hundred of each) that are hands down, like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Constructed using the highly regarded Vintage® V6™, V52™, V100™ and V4™ chassis, Ben Court, originator of Joe Doe Guitars has applied his signature blend of art, design, and tall storytelling to create guitars with a history, character and soul all of their own, made to play as well as they look, and sound as good as you’d expect from a Vintage® guitar. So, when a Joe Doe Guitar is hanging on your wall it’s a work of art to be admired and discussed in hushed tones and when it’s hanging off your guitar strap, it’s pure musical inspiration.

Each Joe Doe Guitar features a characterful origin story, custom artwork, unique design details, Wilkinson hardware and pickups throughout, and a Joe Doe branded hard case.

Each guitar comes with an individually numbered authentication certificate and extra special ‘case candy’.

You can read the article with designer Ben Court Here. 

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