Light Up LED Thunder Tube ~ Lightning



LED Thunder Tubes® not only create the sound of a thunder storm in the palm of your hand, but also crazy lighting effects!

Simply flip On the On/Off switch and push the button to change colours (Red, Green, Blue, PLUS 7 Color-Change Mode) then just a shake of your wrist and let the fun begin! They create an amazingly authentic sound, you won’t believe! 

Light and robust, with a cylindrical acoustic tube construction, sensitive drum head and fixed tail-spring, the rolling thunder effect is created by shaking the tube, allowing the spring to vibrate and produce realistic thunder-like sounds amplified through the body. The harder you shake, the louder it gets, whereas stopping the tail, instantly mutes the sound.   

While the entertainment factor is enormous, with hours of fun for youngsters to experiment and learn about the science of sound waves, Thunder Tubes are also geared for professional use in studios, in a live environment on stage or in theatres, thus creating authentic sound effects for use with soundscapes, film scores, podcasts and more.  

Combinations of mysterious, deep sounds with terrific rhythmic capabilities are easily produced by tapping on the drum head to trigger additional sounds or, a vowel-like wah wah can be coaxed by palm-muting the open end of the cylinder.  

5.85cm/2.25″ x 18cm/7″ with 40.5cm/16″ long spring.

6 x LR44 batteries included.

Packaged in colourful display box.

About Trophy

Trophy’s musical, educational and novelty products define the industry quality standard for children learning to play musical instruments.

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