On-Stage Upper Rocker-Lug Mic Stand

SKU: MS8301


The MS8301 offers a new choice in tripod stands...the Rocker-Lug! The patent-pending Rocker-Lug allows the upper mic shaft to tilt up to 40° off of vertical, so there is no need for a boom arm in many applications. Plus, the Rocker slides down effortlessly into the clutch for straight stand applications and for compact storage/transport. The folding tripod base sports 3 rubber feet for stability and noise reduction. The MS8301 is the new standard in tripod straight and boom stands.• Tilting upper mic shaft: 40°• Height Adjustment: 39" - 63"• Folding tripod base. Base Spread: 23"• Standard 5/8” - 27 Threading for Clip and Accessory Compatibility• 5/8” and 7/8” Steel Tubing• Diecast Zinc Clutch with 3” Grip• Over Sized Knurled Locking Washer for Precise Mic Positioning• 3 Rubber Feet for Stability

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