Perri's Licensed Sock Gift Box ~ Bob Marley



If you're searching for the ideal gift for the music lover in your life, look no further! Perri’s Socks has curated fantastic gift ideas that are sure to hit all the right notes.

Our specially designed gift boxes harmoniously blend style and comfort. Each box includes a pair of officially licensed, cotton-rich socks that are as sweet as a ballad and durable as a rock anthem. The boxes are finished with a specialty hook, allowing you to hang them from a Christmas tree for a festive touch. It's a gift that is sure to be a hit!

About Perris

Perris Leathers knows the essence of a great guitar strap.
Canadian designed and created Perris instrument straps for guitar, bass, and saxophone are durable, stylish, and super comfortable, fit like an old friend, and connect you to the heart of your expression.
Choose from sumptuous premium leather straps in a huge range of styles, colours and prints, an extensive selection of beautifully crafted Jacquard straps, woven cotton straps in many styles, modern and retro design polyester, and nylon locking straps.
A Perris speciality is licensed straps and pick packs, featuring just about every famous band you can think of. Along with some very cool guitar control knob fridge magnets, and leather pick Holders, Perris Leathers is a complete guitarists treasure trove.

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