PP Drums 5pc Fusion Drum Kit ~ White



PP Drums new Fusion sized drum kit comes in four great colours and comes complete with stands, cymbals, drum stool and sticks. Everything you need to start drumming.

• Bass Drum: 20" x 16", 6 Lugs Per Side
• Floor Tom: 14" x 14", 6 Lugs Per Side
• Tom: 10" x 8", 5 Lugs Per Side
• Tom: 12" x 9", 5 Lugs Per Side
• Snare Drum: 14"x 5" 6 Lugs, Wood Shell
• Bass Drum Pedal• Snare Drum Stand - double braced
• Hi-Hat Cymbals: 12" Pair
• Crash Cymbal: 14"
• Drum Stool: Adjustable
• Drum Key
• Drum Sticks

About PP

PP drums are designed to make you play and sound your best from your very first steps, with top quality full feature Fusion and Rock kits in stunning colours, all complete with drums, stands, cymbal pack and stool.

Need to practice your rudiments, go straight the PP full depth, ten lug snare drum outfit, ready to travel with heavy duty backpack case.

Start ’em young, with one of a selection of PP junior drum kits, with everything you need to get rockin’.

With a great selection of stands, pedals. accessories, snare drum, sticks, brushes, and practice pads, PP offers an easy entry into the world of drumming.

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