PP World 28 Player Percussion Set ~ Key Stage 1



Packed full of brightly coloured, exciting percussion instruments, children can’t wait to begin to participate in music making with this PP World set. KS1 instruments have been specially selected to give young children the opportunity to perform simple rhythms and melodic patterns by ear and from symbols – and to keep the all-important fun factor high on the agenda!

Consists of
2 pair Finger cymbals
1 8 note chime bar set
6 Extra chime bar beaters
1 15cm tambourine
1 20cm tambourine
1 Woodblock & beater
2 Finger castanets
2 Handled castanets
1 Stick handbell
2 Cluster bells
2 10cm triangles
2 15cm triangles
1 Agogo & beater
1 pair Maracas
1 Jingle stick
1 Sleighbells
1 Two-tone block
1 Plastic storage chest

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