PP World 'Early Years' Monkey Drum ~ Red

SKU: PP8008


Simply played by repeatedly twisting its brightly coloured handle left-right, left-right, the Monkey Drum from the ‘Early Years’ Series of percussive instruments from PP World, creates alternative fast or slow, rhythmical beats as two wooden beads on coloured cords strike both sides of the 3in (7,62cm) diameter drum head. With practice, the Monkey Drum can produce innovative rhythms according to the speed of the twist. Hours of fun played solo or in groups.

Not only one of the largest suppliers of innovative junior percussion products, PP World also recognises the importance of a healthy environment, by drastically reducing plastic packaging, hence, this product features alternative, exciting and colourful containers constructed from recyclable cardboard materials.


 4.5cm deep x 10cm Ø
 Total length 20.5cm 

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