PP World 'Early Years' Musical Bells

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From PP Worlds ‘Early Years’ Series of innovative products, this exciting set of 8 brightly coloured stand-alone desk top bells, are not only fun for children to gain musical experience at home or in groups at school, but also help develop and improve dexterity, whilst offering an introduction to the exciting world of percussive rhythms and music itself.
To simply make music at the touch of a button, each bell (A/6, D/2, C/1, G/5, B/7, E/3, C/8, F/4) features a spring loaded push-top to strike the internal hammer against the bell. With a high quality durable metal construction, built-in table top stand and non-slip rubber feet, each bell is note-stamped for easy identification when playing melodic patterns by ear or when following musical scores.
Not only one of the largest suppliers of innovative junior percussion products, PP World also recognises the importance of a healthy environment, by drastically reducing plastic packaging, hence, this product features alternative, exciting and colourful containers constructed from recyclable cardboard materials.

8 bells A/6, D/2, C/1, G/5, B/7, E/3, C/8, F/4.

Individually brightly coloured metal bells on tabletop stand with non-slip feet.
Spring loaded push top to strike instrument hammer against bell.

Dimensions: 9
cm tall x 8cm Ø

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