Rapier Deluxe Electric Guitar ~ Arctic White



Designed by the legendary UK guitar builder and hardware specialist Alan Entwistle, the new Rapier Deluxe is based on the original iconic Rapier’s that played a major role in the industry of British built guitars and basses from the 1960s.

Whilst maintaining all the visual charm of the originals, like all models in the Rapier Series, the Rapier Deluxe features significant upgrades to meet the needs of the modern player. These include okoume the chosen tonewood for the body, a maple neck and 22 fret jatoba fingerboard, modern hardware includes a sensitive Hi Lo vibrato system where stable tuning and accurate intonation and return to pitch are spot on every time, via Wilkinson machine heads, a precision cut GraphTech nut and a fully adjustable roller bridge.

It’s arguably the classic 60’s Rapier sonics that contributed to a host of famous pop songs during the British Beat Boom, it’s here again, where Entwistle has excelled by installing 3 Entwistle low-noise EWR 64 pickups in the flagship ‘angled middle’ format, which, combined with Volume and Tone controls and slide switches for middle pickup on/off and Bass-Cut, offers an array of sounds from warm smooth jazz to jangly bright.

Looking effortlessly stylish finished in See Thru Red with a White Pearl scratchplate, Gloss Black with Tortoise scratchplate or Arctic White with a Black Pearl Scratchplate.


Rapier Hi-Lo.

Alan Entwistle EWR 64. 

Volume, Volume, Tone, mid pickup engage switch, Bass cut switch.

Machine heads:
Wilkinson 6 Line.



Scale Length:
24.75" / 628.65 mm.

23 inc Zero fret.

Nu Bone.

6 in Line Rapier.

About Rapier

JHS, in collaboration with legendary UK guitar builder and designer Alan Entwistle, brings you the new generation of RAPIER guitars with an amazing recreation of that sixties UK icon, The Rapier.

Guitar players of a certain age will recall, back in the mid 60’s, noses pressed up against the guitar shop window, staring at the totally unaffordable solid bodied American guitar in red, and next to it, the more affordable UK produced Rapier, the only credible alternative.

The classic Rapier 33, double cutaway solid bodied electric, instantly recognisable with its forward slanted middle pickup. A guitar that played a major role in the industry of British guitars, serving countless up and coming 60’s British Beat groups and helping to launch the careers of many guitarists in the 60's and 70's.

Whilst Entwistle has successfully retained all the glorious charms and visual characteristics of the original Rapier 33, significant and meticulous attention has been made within hardware upgrades, construction and playability.

Selected specifically for its natural sonic characteristics, Okoume, from Central Africa, is the chosen tonewood for the body, whilst for speed, comfort and accuracy, the 4-bolt, soft ‘C’ profiled neck with fully adjustable truss rod, is now crafted from hard rock Canadian maple, with a 12in radius rosewood fingerboard, fitted with 23 medium jumbo frets (including zero fret).

For accurate intonation, tuning stability, and perfect return to pitch from the original vibrato design, the new generation Rapier 33 now features a smooth, friction-free, precision cut 43mm Graph Tech® NuBone® nut, Wilkinson® E-Z-Lok machine heads and high spec’d roller bridge.

Rapier fans and collectors alike, will be aware that the two slide switches lower down on the scratchplate, Bass Cut and Pickup selector, were actually the same ones used on British Pifco brand hairdryers from that era, these, like the all-important pickups, internal wiring and controls, have all experienced the Entwistle magic touch.

Loaded with Entwhistle EWR64 twin blade twin coil pickups, , with updated circuitry which can boost treble, cut bass provide low noise operation creates that immediately recognisable 60’s jangle and, with the original Rhythm/Solo toggle switch, now rewired as a 3-way pickup selector accessing neck, neck/bridge, and bridge units, along with the first slide switch introducing the middle unit, the new generation Rapier 33, with 7 pickup permutations is an extremely versatile guitar

With jazz and blues players in mind, the new generation Rapier 33 also includes the Entwistle SmoothTrak tone circuit which produces a warm, gradual response when the tone control is wound back.

The Rapier range, designed and built to play as we expect from today’s instruments includes all those stars from yesteryear, the twin pickup Rapier 22, the astonishing four pickup Rapier 44, and the truly beautiful Rapier Saffire, a blend of styles from the 1960’s UK guitar constellation, available in a six string and bass.

Available in Fiesta Red, Daphne Blue, Arctic White, three tone Sunburst and an outstanding sapphire green to black sunburst, with 3-ply scratchplate and distinctive Rapier headstock logo, the new generation Rapier series offers exceptional playability and performance, will evoke nostalgic memories for old-school players and collectors, and offer an eclectic and edgy pro-spec alternative to new young talent.

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