Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar ~ Autumn Burst

SKU: SG046492


Made in Canada

Autumn is a time for change and the Seagull Entourage Series has undergone a beautiful change of its own with its new Autumn Burst finish! The Entourage Autumn Burst also boasts other exciting new features, such as an eye-catching white binding, a redesigned pickguard, and a richer/shaded finish on the back and sides. The traditional dreadnought shape is perfect to help your playing project over campfire sing-alongs or cut through any given acoustic situation.

Body Depth: 124.46 mm / 4.9" 
Body Length: 502.92 mm / 19.8" 
Lower Bout: 403.1mm / 15.87" 
Nut Width: 43.69 mm / 1.72" 
Scale: 630.94mm / 24.84" 
Shapes: Dreadnought
Upper Bout: 11.38" 289.05mm /
Waist: 10.54" 267.72mm / 10.54" 
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

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