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The Joe Doe series of guitars are indeed unique in themselves, with their incredibly imaginative, individual themes and custom artwork.   

Now, put through the hands of the Vintage ProShop design team, these new models actually portray the original guitars, the first editions that the current Joe Doe Series is based on.  

The Joe Doe ProShop Punkaster for example, is constructed from two (yes, two) classic Vintage guitar bodies from the ReIssued Series, a Sunburst V6 and Butterscotch V52. The Punkaster retains the original concept of the guitar owned by the fictional character Brandon Hicks, the New York punk who, with a frightening talent for destruction, would demolish his guitars at every gig and rebuild in time for the next show…pieced together from guitars he had destroyed over the years.  

The Vintage ProShop team of skilled luthiers have professionally aged and lacquered ‘both bodies’, all the hardware and given Brandon’s favourite stickers a well-thumbed look.     

Needless to say, aside from the incredibly unique theme, the ProShop Punkaster, like all Vintage guitars, plays like a dream, the neck is sleek, fast and carefully aged for that unmistakable killer look and, along with the headstock, is given a cellulose amber coating. 

The Vintage ProShop Joe Doe guitars are like nothing you have seen before, built on a solid foundation of timeless Vintage designs, time-tested Wilkinson hardware and hand-picked tonewoods that have made these guitars themselves, Vintage classics.

Vintage ProShop Set-Up includes:

  • Fret-level, crown and polish.
  • Fingerboard dress and comfort treatment.
  • Truss rod adjustment and set.
  • Action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment.
  • Nut slot regulation.

    Standard guitar specification

    Body: A car crash of a guitar body made from numerous pieces of American Alder. Remember, some things are more than the sum of their parts, just like Brandon’s 35 second song “Riot In My Brain” with its inspired use of police sirens, dogs barking and an exploding jet engine. 

    Bridge: The superior Wilkinson WVC Vibrato bridge enables pig waggling, string diving and note gargling. Treat it like your worst enemy and it will still come back in tune. 

    Pickups: Trio of Joe Doe designed Single Coils, transplanted from various guitars that Brandon has destroyed over the years. The tones range from subtle to spiky… wait subtle? Not in Brandon’s vocabulary. 

    Controls: Master Volume and Master tone, with a sneaky five-way pickup selector switch, embedded in an unmistakeable mismatched dual style pickguard. 

    Machine heads: Wilkinson WJ55 E-Z Lok machine heads provide simple, effective action. Maybe the most dependable thing in Brandon’s life. 

    Neck: Hard rock Maple with mismatched tuners and mismatched dots. Your sweaty palm will love the classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile and the comfort it brings. Plus, flip it over and you’ll get a glimpse into Brandon’s personal life - contact details for emergency lawyers and phone numbers for old girlfriends. 

    Fingerboard: Hard Rock Maple, with custom mismatched position markers and Kate’s Cellfone number. She runs a music products company now, has twin boys and a plumber for a husband. To think, back in the day, she used to scale the PA system to dive into the crowd at Brandon’s gigs… 

    Frets: 22 Medium profile frets. Brandon’s never needed to go higher than the 10th one. 

    Nut: 43mm Graphite nut, smooth and friction free. Unlike Brandon’s life. 

    Headstock: Unique Vintage “Joe Doe” Punkaster headstock design.

    The JDV05 is an original Vintage® guitar, designed and created by Joe Doe Guitars and reimagined by the UK Vintage ProShop team.

    About Vintage Proshop

    For years now, our Vintage® technicians and designers have been listening to suggestions from players all around the world.
    We've taken those ideas, blended them with our own concepts and visions and in January 2019, Vintage® guitars launched the Vintage® ProShop® UNIQUE concept in the UK and the US, with the talented luthiers and builders in the Vintage® UK and US workshops producing a handful of Vintage® ProShop® UNIQUE guitars, one off master-built instruments created with love, care, and the traditional Vintage® values of super high specification and astonishing ‘bang for the buck’, as workshop concept guitars, flights of fancy and the wild imaginations of our ProShop® teams let loose, using exclusive combinations of finishes, parts, hardware, pickups and accessories to create wonderful one-offs, some of which may make their way into future Vintage® series production guitars and basses.

    Aside from the attention to the fine details of the superb aesthetics, Vintage® ProShop® ‘Unique’ guitars, have hardware and electronics from a host of amazing British made and Internationally famous brands, selected to suit the style, vibe and finish of each guitar, with wear patterns and ‘patina’ accurately crafted and applied to emulate the look and feel of a guitar owned and played for decades. All work is by hand and every finish is an individual one-off, with various weathered distressing processes that gives new guitars a killer vintage look, to deliver guitars that exceed the expectations of today's discerning guitarists.
    Keep a close eye on the Vintage® ProShop® pages at collections/proshop as the ProShop teams will continue to produce a very limited number of ProShop® UNIQUES, which will post to the Vintage and JHS websites when completed and will be sold on a first come first served basis!


    Each guitar undergoes a full ProShop® setup, fret level, crown and polish, fingerboard dress and comfort treatment, truss rod adjustment and set, action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment and nut slot regulation and comes with a Vintage® branded luxury gig bag, exclusive ProShop leather strap, pick tin, and tee-shirt and Individually numbered and signed ProShop® certificate of authenticity.

    Vintage Pro-Shop UNIQUE guitars which are not attributed to a reseller, or which do not have a SOLD tag are available for purchase. Please contact for details of how to purchase.

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