Vintage V100 ProShop Unique ~ 'Nebula'

SKU: V100PU1600


The Vintage ProShop Unique V100PU1600 Nebula, is a unique instrument, built by the UK ProShop team and showcasing their talents to the full and also features the work of acclaimed British pickup maestro Tim Mills and his fanatical team at Bare Knuckle Pickups.

Guardians of the gorgeous and outrageous finish, the ProShop team have created a bespoke coruscating ‘burst of multiple colours, brilliant, ever shifting, and reflective of the depths of the universe from whence comes we know not what……………………………

Nebula features:

With a Mahogany body providing signature resonance, tone, ‘correct weight’ and comfort, Nebula is beautified with a stellar burst of the three fundamental colours, red, green, and blue in metallic gloss to create a galactic panorama, interspersed with dappled stars, all contained within a black hole edging and solid cream binding.

With a matching matt finish headstock and Pickguard, Nebula is one of the most unique pieces the UK ProShop has created.

The Vintage ProShop Nebula features the Vintage evolutionary V100 body shape, with a graceful descending bass side shoulder and an ingeniously-designed offset heel providing improved access to the upper reaches of the fretboard.

Wilkinson T.O.M. enables fine-tuning of each string for superb intonation all over the fretboard.

A set of the truly outstanding Bare Knuckle “The Mule” pickups takes Nebula into warp space in an instant. With classic 'Patent Applied For' vintage tone, and exceptionally balanced frequency response and power enough for super expressive playing. Built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding late '59 PAFs with a differing number of turns of vintage correct 42 AWG plain enamel wire on each coil, The Mule exhibits outstanding clarity and huge dynamic range. Solid nickel silver baseplate and covers, butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, nickel-plated slugs and Fillister no.5 pole screws, with sand cast Alnico IV magnets all give The Mule faster response in the bass, fuller mids and better control of the highs. Even at low levels of gain, smooth harmonic feedback which is full of overtones is possible, while clean sounds have depth and unmistakable vintage character, resulting in an expressive, clear tone which will drive amps commandingly into overdrive when required.

Nebula would not be complete without her unique Vintage designed, Bare Knuckle phaser engraved, “Burnt Chrome” solid nickel silver pickup covers depicting the anonymous and enigmatic language of the crop circle, the message from Nebula is that she rocks

Twin master Volume and Tone controls with three-way pickup selector switch.

Machine heads:
Grover® tulip machine heads provide simple, effective action for maximum tuning stability.

One piece Mahogany with classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy, and great feel.

Rosewood for outstanding tonal transfer, responsiveness, and durability with a traditional 12" radius for superb playability and feel.

Scale Length:
24.75" / 628mm.

22 Medium Jumbo profile frets add to comfort, accuracy, and overall positive feel of the Vintage V100M.

43mm GraphTech NuBone for smooth and friction-free string bending and tuning

Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.

The Vintage ProShop Unique V100PU16000, Nebula guitar is a creation of the UK Vintage ProShop.

About Vintage Proshop

For years now, our Vintage® technicians and designers have been listening to suggestions from players all around the world.
We've taken those ideas, blended them with our own concepts and visions and in January 2019, Vintage® guitars launched the Vintage® ProShop® UNIQUE concept in the UK and the US, with the talented luthiers and builders in the Vintage® UK and US workshops producing a handful of Vintage® ProShop® UNIQUE guitars, one off master-built instruments created with love, care, and the traditional Vintage® values of super high specification and astonishing ‘bang for the buck’, as workshop concept guitars, flights of fancy and the wild imaginations of our ProShop® teams let loose, using exclusive combinations of finishes, parts, hardware, pickups and accessories to create wonderful one-offs, some of which may make their way into future Vintage® series production guitars and basses.

Aside from the attention to the fine details of the superb aesthetics, Vintage® ProShop® ‘Unique’ guitars, have hardware and electronics from a host of amazing British made and Internationally famous brands, selected to suit the style, vibe and finish of each guitar, with wear patterns and ‘patina’ accurately crafted and applied to emulate the look and feel of a guitar owned and played for decades. All work is by hand and every finish is an individual one-off, with various weathered distressing processes that gives new guitars a killer vintage look, to deliver guitars that exceed the expectations of today's discerning guitarists.
Keep a close eye on the Vintage® ProShop® pages at collections/proshop as the ProShop teams will continue to produce a very limited number of ProShop® UNIQUES, which will post to the Vintage and JHS websites when completed and will be sold on a first come first served basis!


Each guitar undergoes a full ProShop® setup, fret level, crown and polish, fingerboard dress and comfort treatment, truss rod adjustment and set, action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment and nut slot regulation and comes with a Vintage® branded luxury gig bag, exclusive ProShop leather strap, pick tin, and tee-shirt and Individually numbered and signed ProShop® certificate of authenticity.

Vintage Pro-Shop UNIQUE guitars which are not attributed to a reseller, or which do not have a SOLD tag are available for purchase. Please contact for details of how to purchase.

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