Trev Wilkinson ~ Fret-King, Vintage & Encore Designer


With decades of experience in guitar design, construction and manufacturing, Trev Wilkinson is the UK’s foremost exponents on the history of the electric guitar and the subtleties and nuances that transform a good guitar into a truly great one.

Working alongside, and spending hours talking with some of the biggest names in guitar construction such as Leo Fender, Seth Lover and Wayne Charvel to name but a few, Trev initially made his name in guitar hardware under the Wilkinson brand name (his designs are tried and tested by some of the greatest players around the world). However, he was eager to bring his own guitar range to the table and so Fret-King was born.

After being brought on board by JHS as consultant to redesign the entire Vintage® electric guitar series in 2006 the range now boasts Wilkinson designed bridges, pickups and machine heads, to create true players instruments that punch well above their weight.

Trev also brought his expertise to bear upon the very popular Encore® entry-level electric guitars and basses to provide the very best, first guitar anyone could own.

In 2010 JHS acquired the Fret-King® brand, with Trev still maintaining his role as designer and consultant, as well as providing a selection of breathtaking hand-built instruments in the Green Label and one-off Stvdio models from his workshop on the West Coast of England.