Grover adds Roto-Grip 505F Series ‘drop-in’ Locking Tuners, to its line of high quality guitar accessories.

The new Grover Roto-Grip 505F Series locking tuners, are designed as an upgrade for modern or indeed vintage Fender® guitars without undertaking any modifications to the instruments.

After decades of use, original machine head gears can often become worn and unreliable and, up until now, replacing with a modern equivalent has meant reaching for a drill and taking a deep breath.

Owners of new and vintage Fender® guitars, can now relax as the new Grover Roto-Grip 505F Series locking tuners, are designed to drop straight into the original holes without the need to drill or devalue the instrument with any modifications to the headstock or the guitar. The overlapping ear design fits the original screw holes and push-in bindings mean no modifications have to be made to the post holes.

The bonus of course is a set of tuners that have superb aesthetics set in cast housings (with internal lifetime sealed lubrication), that deliver super smooth performance, with a precise 18:1 gear ratio. The rear thumbscrew lock, secures the string to the post for stable tuning and ensures return to accurate zero pitch even after the deepest bends.

The new Roto-Grip 505F Series tuners have already earned the praise of professional luthiers around the world. Easy to install, easy to use, the Roto-Grip 505F Series tuners are another quality product you’d expect from Grover.

The Roto-Grip 505F tuners come in three finishes: Chrome, Gold and Nickel.